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So what is it about me? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

I am a whip-smart digital marketing expert with many years of practical experience on how to take advantage of the internet to grow a business. If there is one thing I am best at doing, It is using online marketing to grow companies and train people how to.

I help brands develop and implement digital strategies that convert their marketing processes into profit through the use of data, analytics, websites & portals, social PR, adverts, creative gestures, lead campaigns and so on.

So if there are opportunities online you are trying to harness with your business? You are right on time.

I also found Business With Measure Digital Marketing Agency - One of the top online advertising agencies in Lagos, Nigeria.

What Makes Me Special? πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸ’»

My hands are dirty! Yes, you read that right. My hands are dirty from doing more than the conventional & theoretical digital marketing to going under the hood to build, repair or implement strategies that can stand.

My Professional Trail πŸ’Ό

I am an online marketing consultant for the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON), under the Federal Ministry of Information, Nigeria.

I have designed over 20 digital media plans for both small and big budgets. These are plans that are designed to deliver results.

I also speak at local and international conferences, and was one of the major speakers at the 2019 International Wordpress Conference, Lagos, Nigeria.

I also own and have been running an active digital marketing agency that manages a group of both local and foreign intellects. These are smart-crazy guys that produce bespoke solutions.

I belong to different digital marketing groups and have personally mentored over 100 people on practical ways to use digital marketing.

Apart from being a digital marketing expert, I am also very technical and fully understand all there is to know about the Internet of Things (I.oT).

My Philosophy 🧠

Digital marketing is everything but words! No matter how good you are, If you can't implement and produce results, you are but a traditional marketer. I have spent more than half of my life in front of a computer and dedicated a sizeable part of the last three years learning, unlearning and relearning all there is to practically know to be a result-driven digital marketing expert.

My Work Attributes As An Online Marketing Professional πŸ› 

Enough About Me!

Let's have a coffee about your business πŸ’΅

Tell me about your project

What vertical are you in? What does your business need marketing to achieve a set time goal? What are you trying to launch or sell to the right audience? What constraints do you have? Are you trying to migrate your business online without getting burnt or doing a trial and error?

No matter what your pointers are, with digital marketing, I can help you achieve your objectives. All I need is a brief about it and I will help you take advantage of the internet to grow it.

So what's in it for You? πŸ“¦

What am I bringing to the table? Just knowing that you now need to integrate the internet into your business isn't enough. In fact, it is just the first step.

Getting the right tactics and deploying it rightly is the main work. To succeed online, you need to be sure you know what you are doing, otherwise, you'll discover that a lot of resources has been spent with nothing to show for it.

But that's where I come in. As an astute digital marketing expert in Nigeria, who knows the local psychology of the people, I can work with you or your team to provide a custom digital media plan that is built for success with your brand name on it.
Need more words? See below for some of the things I can do for you.

My Plans For You πŸ’›

To Market Your Business And Generate Sales. Simple!

I will use your owned media (contents that you are in control of and are generated by you) to develop a strategy that will cut across all platforms and build a name for your brand in the digital space.

Some of the services I will provide are:

- Digital Strategy(client/server-side).
- Professional Website Design & Content Production.
- Creation of Blogs, Sales Pages, Forms and Funnels.
- Design of creatives (all types) for your brand.
- The setting of Drip Emails & Sequences.
- Search Engine Optimization
- Etc...

The earned media is regarded as the most trusted media. Moving forward, I'll leverage on the achievements of your owned media to engage your audience with over 20 different content types, and garner as much attributes like shares, references, tags, mentions, reviews to your brand by external sources as possible to create a social life, trust and proof for your brand.

Some of the services I will provide are:

- Brand Monitoring
- Online Reputation Management
- Search Engine Optimization
- Public Relations (Digital)
- Relationship Building
- Etc...

Of a truth, there is no digital marketing without adverts. If the contents are good, why not justify it with a good campaign budget? I will help promote all your digital assets and make sure they are placed right in front of the people that need it and are looking for you.

Some of the service I will provide are:

- Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)
- Social Media Adverts (Facebook Ads Network, Twitter & LinkedIn)
- Video Ads (Banner & Youtube Ads)
- Etc...

I can design very eye-catchy and creative designs for your bill-board adverts and also take care of all the requirements to make it stand. From the licensing to the printing to the distributions.

Some of the services I will provide are:

- Billboard Designs
- Postcards
- Banners
- Business Cards
- Brochures
- Pamphlets
- Etc...


I am creatively crazy with colours & designs 🎨

I believe a lot in colours and if you want to be taken seriously these days, graphics design should be a major part of everything you do. With many years of skills, I can marry words with colours, strokes, lines, and sketches to deliver all form of business documents and designs. Below are some of what I have created for my agency and for clients. I can do them for you as well.

Digital Marketing Expert in Lagos, Nigeria

Crazy Colourful Designs Deployed to Attract The Eye

Digital Marketing Expert in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos Governor Election Campaign Strategy

Digital Marketing Expert in Lagos, Nigeria

Short Animated Ads

Professional Digital Marketing Training n Lagos


I don't only consult, but also train people to become of the best digital marketing experts in Nigeria. I regularly hold major conferences on digital marketing across Nigeria, and have worked with the Federal Ministry of Information & Culture, to teach more than 150 business executives in different geo-political zones in Nigeria. Below are some of my training sessions.

Lagos Digital Marketing Training
Ayodeji Adekore Corporate Digital Marketing Training
Ayodeji Adekore Digital marketing training kano
Ayodeji Adekore Ilorin digital marketing training
APCON Training, Kano Ayodeji Adekore Corporate Digital Marketing Training

Who have I trained?

I have been privileged to train marketing executives, business owners, decision makers and industry experts looking to migrate their business processes to the internet, increase their brand's performance or get more knowledge of internet marketing in Lagos, Abuja, Kwara, Kano, Port-Harcourt, Ibadan and many other states in Nigeria.

My training attendees range from experienced advertising professionals who are already vast and knowledgeable about traditional marketing to people with no knowledge at all. No matter your current level of internet marketing, I have a model for you.

Here are some past clients I have trained

What are my training like?

My sessions are usually a dropdown list of graphically and well-explained actions to take. No sharing of information you can easily find on Google, or a long pile of notes that will end up being obsolete.

I go straight to the point, and bring my personal jotter to show you exactly what I did to achieve success in my agency and for clients. So if you are looking for someone to give you a thorough digital marketing training in Nigeria, and to show you how to succeed at it, I'll be happy to teach you.

Here are examples of how practical my training can be.

Here are some projects I have done πŸ—‚

Let Me Review Your Digital Strategy πŸ“–

Of course, there are a lot of things I can do as a digital marketing expert that I didn't include here, which is why I am open to a project, remote job or any partnership offer you might have? All you have to do is just bring it on, and I will be more than happy to go over the book with you in-person or remotely. Just click the button below to schedule a meeting with me.