While I am pleased to share these suggestions with the Codeable, I dare not imply that I am more observant than its developers. They are simply my thoughts, and I mean good. You guys are the best in the industry, and I will always respect that.


  • The suggestions are straightforward but may be refined or better translated.
  • I randomly selected and shared just four now – two from each category.
  • I used the MoSCoW Priority Matrix for the implementations.
  • I added an image(s) with annotations where needed.
  • This document was written in HTML and can be shared. I also have the wireframe raw files.

My goals with these suggestions are:

  • Never complicate Codeable's work process.
  • To make it remain a place for only the top-of-the-shelf Web Developers.
  • To use the system to handle problems requiring human input.
  • Reduce friction, redundancy, and repetition and increase experts' hire rate.
  • Create ideas for more revenue for Codeable.
  • Reduce workload for Codeable Staff.

I grouped them into three below:

  • Client-Side.
  • Server-Side (Experts).
  • General Suggestions.

For each suggestion, I tagged and provided the following:

  • A Problem Statement (My experience/thought)
  • My Recommendation (Suggestion).
  • Potential Deterrent(s).
  • Implementation.

Thank you guys. Your review will mean a lot to me and my confidence.